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Part Number: 2452

HUD Acquisition Regulation

2452.237-75 Access to HUD facilities.

As prescribed in 2437.110(e)(3), insert the following clause in solicitations and contracts:


(a) Definitions. As used in this clause -

“Access” means physical entry into and, to the extent authorized, mobility within a Government facility.

“Contract” means any authorized contractual instrument, including, but not restricted to, task orders, purchase orders, Blanket Purchase Agreement calls, etc.

“Contractor employee” means an employee of the prime contractor or of any subcontractor, affiliate, partner, joint venture, or team members with which the Contractor is associated. It also includes consultants engaged by any of those entities.

“Facility” and “Government facility” mean buildings, including areas within buildings that are owned, leased, shared, occupied, or otherwise controlled by the Federal Government.

“NACI” means National Agency Check with Inquiries, the minimum background investigation prescribed by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management.

“PIV Card” means the Personal Identity Verification (PIV) Card, the Federal Government-issued identification credential (identification badge).

(b) General. The performance of this contract requires contractor employees to have access to HUD facilities. All such employees who do not already possess a current PIV Card acceptable to HUD shall be required to provide personal background information, undergo a background investigation (NACI or other OPM-required or approved investigation), including an FBI National Criminal History Fingerprint Check, and obtain a PIV Card prior to being permitted access to any such facility in the performance of this contract.

Unescorted access to any such facility in performance of this contract. HUD may accept a PIV Card issued by another Federal Government agency but shall not be required to do so. No contractor employee will be permitted unescorted access to a HUD facility without a proper PIV Card.

(c) Background information.

(1) For each contractor employee subject to the requirements of this clause and not in possession of a current PIV Card acceptable to HUD, the Contractor shall submit the following properly completed forms: Electronic Standard Form (SF) 85, “Questionnaire for Non-Sensitive Positions via e-QIP,” completed USAccess enrollment (electronic fingerprinting) and Optional Form (OF) 306 (Items 1 through 17). Forms SF-85 and OF-306 are available from OPM's website, The electronic questionnaire is available on OPM's e-QIP site, The COR will provide all other forms that are not obtainable via the internet.

(2) The Contractor shall deliver the forms and information required in paragraph (c)(1) of this clause to the COR as secure as possible.

(3) The information provided in accordance with paragraph (c)(1) of this clause will be used to perform a background investigation to determine the suitability of the contractor employees to have access to Government facilities. After completion of the investigation, the COR will notify the Contractor in writing when any contractor employee is determined to be unsuitable for access to a Government facility. The Contractor shall immediately remove such employee(s) from work on this contract that requires physical presence in a Government facility.

(4) Affected contractor employees who have had a Federal background investigation without a subsequent break in Federal employment or Federal contract service exceeding 2 years may be exempt from the investigation requirements of this clause subject to verification of the previous investigation. For each such employee, the Contractor shall submit the following information in lieu of the forms and information listed in paragraph (c)(1) of this clause: completed PIV and Pre-Security Form.

(d) PIV Cards.

(1) HUD will issue a PIV Card to each contractor employee who is to be given access to HUD facilities and who does not already possess a PIV Card acceptable to HUD (see paragraph (b) of this clause). HUD will not issue the PIV Card until the contractor employee has

(1) successfully cleared the FBI National Criminal History Fingerprint Check, (2) HUD has initiated the background investigation for the contractor employee, and (3) a Security Approval Notice from HUD PSD via has been received. Initiation is defined to mean that all background information required in paragraph (c)

(1) of this clause has been delivered to HUD. The employee may not be given access prior to those three events. HUD may issue a PIV Card and grant access pending the completion of the background investigation. HUD will revoke the PIV Card and the employee's access if the background investigation process for the employee, including adjudication of the investigation results, has not been completed within 6 months after the issuance of the PIV Card.

(2) PIV Cards shall identify individuals as contractor employees. Contractor employees shall display their PIV Cards on their persons at all times while working in a HUD facility, and shall present cards for inspection upon request by HUD officials or HUD security personnel.

(3) The Contractor shall be responsible for all PIV Cards issued to the Contractor's employees and shall immediately notify the COR if any PIV Card(s) cannot be accounted for. The Contractor shall promptly return PIV Cards to HUD, as required by the FAR clause at 52.204-9. The Contractor shall notify the COR immediately whenever any contractor employee no longer has a need for his/her HUD-issued PIV Card (e.g., employee terminates employment with the contractor, employee's duties no longer require access to HUD facilities). The COR will instruct the Contractor on how to return the PIV Card, and upon expiration of this contract, the COR will instruct the Contractor on how to return all HUD-issued PIV Cards not previously returned. Unless otherwise directed by the Contracting Officer, the Contractor shall not return PIV Cards to any person other than the COR.

(4) The Contractor shall submit a report to the Contracting Officer and COR no later than five (5) calendar days after the end of each calendar quarter that provides the status of each employee who is required to work in a HUD facility during the performance of the contract. At a minimum, the report shall identify the contractor and the contract number, and list for each employee the following information:

(i) Employee name;

(ii) Name of HUD facility where employee works;

(iii) Date background check submitted;

(iv) Date PIV Card issued;

(v) PIV card number;

(vi) Date employee no longer has need of the HUD PIV Card;

(vii) Date Contracting Officer and COR were notified that employee no longer had need of the HUD PIV Card; and

(viii) Date PIV Card was returned to COR.

(e) Control of access. HUD shall have, and exercise, complete control over granting, denying, withholding, and terminating access of contractor employees to HUD facilities. The COR will notify the Contractor immediately when HUD has determined that an employee is unsuitable or unfit to be permitted access to a HUD facility. The Contractor shall immediately notify such employee that he/she no longer has access to any HUD facility, remove the employee from any such facility that he/she may be in, and provide a suitable replacement in accordance with the requirements of this clause.

(f) Access to HUD information systems. If this contract requires contractor employees to have access to HUD information system(s), application(s), or information contained in such systems, the Contractor shall comply with all requirements of HUDAR clause 2452.239-70, Access to HUD Systems, including providing for each affected employee any additional background investigation forms prescribed in that clause.

(g) Subcontracts. The Contractor shall incorporate this clause in all subcontracts where the requirements specified in paragraph (b) of this section are applicable to performance of the subcontract.

(End of clause)