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Part Number: 2436

HUD Acquisition Regulation

Subpart 2436.6 - Architect-Engineer Services

2436.602 Selection of firms for architect-engineer contracts.

2436.602-2 Evaluation boards.

(a) Each architect-engineer evaluation board, whether permanent or ad hoc (which may include preselection boards), shall consist of at least three voting members who are Federal employees from the appropriate program area or from Federal offices outside the program area as appropriate. One member of each board shall be appointed chairperson. Non-voting advisors may also be appointed, including private practitioners in architecture, engineering and related professions. The members of a permanent board shall be appointed for a period of two years. Appointment shall be made by the following authorities with copies of appointment memoranda furnished to the appropriate contracting activity:

(1) Assistant Secretary or equivalent for boards appointed at the Headquarters level;

(2) The cognizant program office head for boards appointed at the field level.

(c) Conflict of interest. Each board member, whether voting or nonvoting, shall be advised of, and presumed to be familiar with the regulations at 24 CFR part 0, Standards of Conduct, regarding conflicts of interest. If at any time during the selection process a board member encounters a situation with one or more of the firms being considered that might be or might appear to be a conflict of interest, he or she will disqualify him or herself and call it to the attention of the chairperson for resolution and proper action. The chairperson will refer the matter to legal counsel.

(d) Confidentiality. The evaluation board is to be insulated from outside pressures, to the extent practical. No person having knowledge of the activities of the board shall divulge information concerning the deliberations of the board to any other persons not having a need to know such information.

2436.602-4 Selection authority.

(a) The final selection decision shall be made by the cognizant Primary Organization Head in headquarters, or field program office head.

2436.602-5 Short selection processes for contracts not to exceed the small purchase limitation.

The short selection process described in FAR 36.602-5(a) is authorized for use for contracts not expected to exceed the simplified acquisition threshold.