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Part Number: 1201

Transportation Acquisition Regulations

1201.105-2 Arrangement of regulations.

1201.105-2 Arrangement of regulations.

(a) General. The TAR, which encompasses both Department and Operating Administration (OA)/Office of the Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology (OST–R)-specific guidance (see subpart 1201.3), conforms with the arrangement and numbering system prescribed by FAR 1.104. Guidance that is OA-specific contains the OA's acronym directly after the heading.

(b) Numbering

(1) Department-wide guidance. (i) The numbering illustrations at FAR 1.105–2(b) apply to the TAR.

(ii) Coverage within the TAR is identified by the prefix “12” followed by the complete TAR citation. For example, 1201.201–1(b).

(iii) Coverage in the TAR that supplements the FAR will use part, subpart, section, and subsection numbers ending in “70” through “89” (e.g., 1201.301–70). A series of numbers beginning with “70” is used for provisions and clauses.

(iv) Coverage in the TAR, other than that identified with a “70” or higher number, that implements the FAR uses the identical number sequence and caption of the FAR segment being implemented, which may be to the paragraph level. Paragraph numbers and letters are not always shown sequentially, but may be shown by the specific FAR paragraph implemented. For example, TAR 1201.201–1 contains only paragraph (b) because only this paragraph, correlated with the FAR, is implemented in the TAR.

(2) Operating Administration-unique guidance. Supplementary material for which there is no counterpart in the FAR or TAR shall be identified using chapter, part, subpart, section, or subsection numbers of “90” and higher.

(c) References and citations. The Department of Transportation Acquisition Regulation may be referred to as the TAR. Cross reference to the FAR in the TAR will be cited by “FAR” followed by the FAR numbered citation, and cross reference to the TAM in the TAR will be cited by “TAM” followed by the TAM numbered citations. References to specific citations within the TAR will be referenced by the numbered citation only, e.g., 1201.105–3.

(3) Using the TAR coverage at 1201.105–2(b) as a typical illustration, reference to the—

(i) Part would be “TAR part 1201” outside the TAR and “part 1201” within the TAR.

(ii) Subpart would be “TAR subpart 1201.1” outside the TAR and “subpart 1201.1” within the TAR.

(iii) Section would be “TAR 1201.105” outside the TAR and “1201.105” within the TAR.

(iv) Subsection would be “TAR 1201.105–2” outside the TAR and “1201.105–2” within the TAR.

(v) Paragraph would be “TAR 1201.105–2(b)” outside the TAR and “1201.105–2(b)” within the TAR.