Part Number: Part 1213

Transportation Acquisition Regulations


Subpart 1213.71 - Department of Transportation Procedures for Acquiring Training Services

1213.7100 Applicability.

(a) DOT policy at (TAR) 48 CFR 1237.7000 also applies to the Standard Form (SF) 182, Request, Authorization, Agreement and Certification of Training, which may be used to acquire training services; however, the policy does not apply to training services acquired by the Government purchase/credit card. The Government purchase/credit card can only be used to acquire training services valued at $2,500 or less.

(b) As reflected in (TAR) 48 CFR 1237.7002, this policy does not apply to training attended by DOT employees which is scheduled and conducted by Government sources of supply, educational institutions, or private entities where DOT does not control or sponsor the training. Examples of when the policy does and does not apply include:

(1) When SF 182s are issued for three DOT employees to attend a one week course at a university or other private entity, the policy does not apply. DOT does not control this course because the university or private entity has a contract in place with the training provider and DOT is placing an order under an existing contract; and

(2) When DOT awards a contract to a university or other private entity to provide training for DOT and/or other Government personnel, the policy applies. DOT controls this course; therefore, no soliciting or advertising of private non-Government training while conducting the contracted-for training is permitted.

1213.7101 Solicitation provision and contract clause.

(a) Contracting officers shall insert the provision at (TAR) 48 CFR 1252.237-71, Certification of Data, in all solicitations and requests for quotations, and the clause at (TAR) 48 CFR 1252.237-72, Prohibition on Advertising, in solicitations, requests for quotations, and all contracts (e.g., purchase orders, SF 182s) for training services when the content and/or presentation of the training is controlled by DOT. (Notice: The Secretary of Transportation has determined that the certification required by (TAR) 48 CFR 1252.237-71 shall be retained in accordance with Section 4301(b)(1)(B)(i)(II) of the Federal Acquisition Reform Act (Public Law 104-106, 41 U.S.C. 425, note) and DOT Memorandum dated July 17, 1996.)

(b) Contracting officers shall incorporate the successful offeror's certified data into any resultant contract(s). Certified data may be adopted by reference, if the contracting officer determines it contains information sufficient to reliably describe the certified data submitted. For example, this type of information includes dated material such as resumes and company or personnel qualifications.