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Part Number: 1201

Transportation Acquisition Regulations

1201.301-70 Amendment of the Transportation Acquisition Regulation.

1201.301-70 Amendment of the Transportation Acquisition Regulation.

(a) Changes to the TAR may be the result of recommendations from internal DOT personnel, other Government agencies, or the public. Proposed changes shall be submitted in the following format to the Office of the Senior Procurement Executive (OSPE), 1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE, Washington, DC 20590 or and must include the following elements:

(1) Problem. Succinctly state the problems created by current TAR language and describe the factual or legal reasons necessitating regulatory change.

(2) Recommendation. Identify the recommended change by using the current language (if applicable) and striking through the proposed deleted words with a horizontal line. Insert proposed language in bold and brackets. If the change is extensive, reflect proposed deleted language in strikethrough and proposed new or revised language with complete paragraphs in bold and brackets.

(3) Discussion. Explain why the change is necessary and how it will solve the problem. Address any cost or administrative impact on Government activities, offerors, and contractors, to include potential impact to small businesses. Provide any other information and documents, such as statutes, legal decisions, regulations, and reports, that may be helpful.

(4) Point of contact. Provide a point of contact who can answer questions regarding the recommendation.

(b) The TAR is maintained by the SPE through the TAR/TAM change process. This process consists of input from various DOT elements including representatives from DOT OAs specifically designated to formulate Departmental acquisition policies and procedures.

(c) Transportation Acquisition Circulars (TACs) (see 1201.301–72) will be used to publish the TAR throughout DOT.