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Part Number: 1203

Transportation Acquisition Regulations

1203.204 Treatment of violations.

1203.204 Treatment of violations.

(a) The HCA is authorized to determine whether a Gratuities clause violation has occurred. If the HCA has been personally and substantially involved in the procurement, DOT legal counsel advice should be sought to determine if a substitute for the HCA should be designated.

(b) The COCO shall ensure that the contractor is afforded the hearing procedures required by FAR 3.204(b). Government legal counsel should be consulted regarding the appropriateness of the hearing procedures.

(c) If the HCA determines that the alleged gratuities violation occurred during the “conduct of an agency procurement”, the COCO shall consult with DOT legal counsel regarding the approach for appropriate processing of either the Procurement Integrity Act violation and/or the Gratuities violation.