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Change Number: 2022-0517
Effective Date: 05/17/2022


45.000 Scope of part.

(b)(5) Contracting Officers shall insert DITCO Additional Text, H8 Defense Information System Agency Incidental Property Management, in all service requirement solicitations and contracts when the place of performance is a DISA owned or leased location.

45.101 Definitions.

Transferred property . Tangible items shipped from one contractor’s location to a different contractor’s location for a follow-on contract without inspection.

Transitioned property . Direct-issued items such as laptops, cell phones, tablets which are not transferred. These items are transitioned by being turned over toa COR or property custodian on the last day of the contact for inspection, and any necessary provisioning/equipment refresh prior to being provided to a subsequent contractor.

45.102 Policy.

(S-90) Contract Specialists shall complete the Government-Furnished Property (GFP) Checklist/Quick Reference Guide located in the DARS PGI 245.103 and review the GFP Questionnaire checklist located in the requirement checklist to develop the solicitation.

45.105 Contractors’ property management system compliance.

(a) Contracting Officers shall insert DITCO Additional Text H9, Government Furnished Property Contract Management, in all contracts/orders that include GFP to establish a post award Property Management Plan and a Contractor Property Manager (CPM) Point of Contact (POC). The Property Administrator (or the COR in the absence of an appointed Property Administrator) shall review the contractor’s Property Management Plan IAW DITCO Additional Text H9, and notify the contractor of any deficiencies within 10 business days of receipt. A final Property Management Plan will be placed in the official contract file.

45.106 Transferring accountability.

All GFP from losing contracts must be returned by the contractor to the Government in the PIEE GFP Module prior to or on the last day of the contract. The COR shall verify the appropriate action has been taken as part of their closeout procedures.

Transitioned property is incorporated as a new GFP item in the gaining contract.

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