Part Number: 904

Department of Energy Acquisition Regulation

904.7002 Definitions.

Contract means the prime contract and the subcontract at any tier.

Contracting officer means the DOE contracting officer.

Contractor means the contractor and the subcontractor at any tier.

Facility clearance means an administrative determination that a facility is eligible to access, produce, use, or store classified information, or special nuclear material.

Foreign interest means any of the following -

(1) Foreign government or foreign government agency or instrumentality thereof;

(2) Any form of business enterprise organized under the laws of any country other than the United States or its possessions;

(3) Any form of business enterprise organized or incorporated under the laws of the U.S., or a State or other jurisdiction within the U.S. which is owned, controlled, or influenced by a foreign government, agency, firm, corporation, or person; or

(4) Any person who is not a U.S. citizen.

Foreign ownership, control, or influence means the situation where the degree of ownership, control, or influence over an offeror(s) or a contractor by a foreign interest is such that a reasonable basis exists for concluding that compromise of classified information or special nuclear material may possibly result.

Special nuclear material means special nuclear material as defined in 10 CFR 710.5(a).