Part Number: 931

Department of Energy Acquisition Regulation

931.205-33 Professional and consultant service costs.

(g) If the clause at 48 CFR 952.231-71 or the clause at 48 CFR 970.5228-1 is included in the contract, or the contract is a non-management and operating contract exceeding $100,000,000 that includes cost reimbursable elements exceeding $10,000,000 (for example, contracts with both fixed-price and cost-reimbursable line items where the cost-reimbursable line items exceed $10,000,000 or time and materials contracts where the materials portions exceed $10,000,000), litigation and other legal costs are only allowable if both: incurred in accordance with 10 CFR part 719, Contractor Legal Management Requirements; and not otherwise made unallowable by law, regulation, or the terms of the contract.