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217.7003 Purchase request.

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Change Number/Effective Date:    DFARS Change 2/24/2021 / 02-24-2021- Download Entire DFARS - HTML PDF

217.7003 Purchase request.

217.7003 Purchase request.

Ensure that the requiring activity provides all of the following in support of the purchase request—

(a) A certification that the property is eligible for exchange and complies with all conditions and limitations of DoD Manual 4140.01, Volume 9, DoD Supply Chain Materiel Management Procedures: Materiel Programs.

(b) A written determination of economic advantage indicating—

(1) The anticipated economic advantage to the Government from use of the exchange authority;

(2) That exchange allowances shall be applied toward, or in partial payment of, the items to be acquired; and

(3) That, if required, the exchange property has been rendered safe or innocuous or has been demilitarized;

(c) All applicable approvals for the exchange; and

(d) A description of the property available for exchange (e.g., nomenclature, location, serial number, estimated travel value).