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222.406-13 Semiannual enforcement reports.

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222.406-13 Semiannual enforcement reports.

222.406-13 Semiannual enforcement reports.

Forward these reports through the head of the contracting activity to the labor advisor within 15 days following the end of the reporting period. These reports shall not include information from investigations conducted by the Department of Labor. These reports shall contain the following information, as applicable, for construction work subject to the Construction Wage Rate Requirements statute and the CWHSS statute—

(1) Period covered;

(2) Number of prime contracts awarded;

(3) Total dollar amount of prime contracts awarded;

(4) Number of contractors/subcontractors against whom complaints were received;

(5) Number of investigations conducted;

(6) Number of contractors/subcontractors found in violation;

(7) Amount of wage restitution found due under—

(i) Construction Wage Rate Requirements statute; and

(ii) CWHSS statute;

(8) Number of employees due wage restitution under—

(i) Construction Wage Rate Requirements statute; and

(ii) CWHSS statute;

(9) Amount of liquidated damages assessed under the CWHSS statute—

(i) Total amount; and

(ii) Number of contracts involved;

(10) Number of employees and amount paid/withheld under—

(i) Construction Wage Rate Requirements statute;

(ii) CWHSS statute; and

(iii) Copeland Act; and

(11) Preconstruction activities—

(i) Number of compliance checks performed

(ii) Preconstruction letters sent.