Change Number: DFARS Change 10/28/2022
Effective Date: 10/28/2022

223.7201 Policy.

(a) The requirements of DoD 5100.76-M, Physical Security of Sensitive Conventional Arms, Ammunition, and Explosives, shall be applied to contracts when—

(1) AA&E will be provided to the contractor or subcontractor as Government-furnished property; or

(2) The principal development, production, manufacture, or purchase of AA&E is for DoD use.

(b) The requirements of DoD 5100.76-M need not be applied to contracts when—

(1) The AA&E to be acquired under the contract is a commercial item within the meaning of FAR 2.101; or

(2) The contract will be performed in a Government-owned contractor-operated ammunition production facility. However, if subcontracts issued under such a contract will meet the criteria of paragraph (a) of this section, the requirements of DoD 5100.76-M shall apply.


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