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225.7019-3 Waiver.

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225.7019-3 Waiver.

225.7019-3 Waiver.

(a) Request and approval of waiver. The requiring activity may submit to the contracting activity a request for waiver of the prohibition in 225.7019-2 Prohibition. for a specific contract for the acquisition of furnished energy for a covered military installation. The head of the contracting activity, without power of redelegation, may approve the waiver, upon certification to the congressional defense committees that—

(1) The waiver of section 2821 is necessary to ensure an adequate supply of furnished energy for the covered military installation; and

(2) National security requirements have been balanced against the potential risk associated with reliance upon the Russian Federation for furnished energy.

(b)Submission of waiver notice. (1) Not later than 14 days before the execution of any energy contract for which a waiver is granted under paragraph (a) of this section, the head of the contracting activity shall submit to the congressional defense committees a notice of the waiver. See PGI 225.7019-3 for waiver procedures.

(2) The waiver notice shall include the following:

(i) The rationale for the waiver, including the basis for the certifications required by paragraph (a) of this section.

(ii) An assessment of how the waiver may impact DoD's European energy resilience strategy.

(iii) An explanation of the measures DoD is taking to mitigate the risk of using Russian Federation furnished energy.