Change Number: DFARS Change 10/28/2022
Effective Date: 10/28/2022

227.674 Supply contracts between the Government and a foreign government or concern.

In negotiating contract prices with a second source, including the redetermination of contract prices, or in determining the allowability of costs under a cost-reimbursement contract with a second source, the contracting officer:

(a) Shall obtain from the second source a detailed statement (see FAR 27.204-1(a)(2)) of royalties, license fees, and other compensation paid or to be paid to a primary source (or any of his subcontractors) for patent rights, rights in data, and other technical assistance provided to the second source, including identification and description of such patents, data, and technical assistance; and

(b) Shall not accept or allow charges which in effect are—

(1) For royalties or amortization for patents or inventions in which the Government holds a royalty-free license; or

(2) For data which the Government has a right to possess, use, and disclose to others; or

(3) For any technical assistance provided to the second source for which the Government has paid under a contract between the Government and a primary source.


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