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Change Number: DFARS Change 01/22/2024
Effective Date: 01/22/2024

232.1004 Procedures.

232.1004 Procedures.

(b) Establishing performance-based finance payment amounts.

(i) The contracting officer should include in a solicitation both the progress payments and performance-based payments provisions and clauses prescribed in this part, when considering both types of payment methods. Only one type of financing will be included in the resultant contract, except as may be authorized on separate orders subject to FAR 32.1003(c)).

(ii) The contracting officer shall analyze the performance-based payment schedule using the performance-based payments (PBP) analysis tool. The PBP analysis tool is on the DPC website in the Price, Cost and Finance section. The PBP analysis tool and Performance Based Payment - Guidebook are available at .

(A) When considering performance-based payments, obtain from the offeror/contractor a proposed performance-based payments schedule that includes all performance-based payments events, completion criteria and event values along with the projected monthly expenditure profile in order to negotiate the value of the performance events such that the performance-based payments are not expected to result in an unreasonably low or negative level of contractor investment in the contract.

If performance-based payments are deemed practical, the Government will evaluate and negotiate the details of the performance-based payments schedule.

(B) For modifications to contracts that already use performance-based payments financing, the basis for negotiation must include performance-based payments. The PBP analysis tool will be used in the same manner to help determine the price for the modification;

(iii) The contracting officer shall document in the contract file that the performance-based payment schedule provides a mutually beneficial settlement position that reflects adequate consideration to the Government for the improved contractor cash flow.

(c) Instructions for multiple appropriations. If the contract contains foreign military sales requirements, the contracting officer shall provide instructions for distribution of the contract financing payments to each country’s account.


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