Change Number: DFARS Change 08/26/2022
Effective Date: 08/26/2022

239.7408-1 General.

(a) “Special construction” normally involves a common carrier giving a special service or facility related to the performance of the basic telecommunications service requirements. This may include—

(1) Moving or relocating equipment;

(2) Providing temporary facilities;

(3) Expediting provision of facilities; or

(4) Providing specially constructed channel facilities to meet Government requirements.

(b) Use this subpart instead of FAR Part 36 for acquisition of “special construction.”

(c) Special construction costs may be—

(1) A contingent liability for using telecommunications services for a shorter time than the minimum to reimburse the contractor for unamortized nonrecoverable costs. These costs are usually expressed in terms of a termination liability, as provided in the contract or by tariff;

(2) A onetime special construction charge;

(3) Recurring charges for constructed facilities;

(4) A minimum service charge;

(5) An expediting charge; or

(6) A move or relocation charge.

(d) When a common carrier submits a proposal or quotation which has special construction requirements, the contracting officer shall require a detailed special construction proposal. Analyze all special construction proposals to—

(1) Determine the adequacy of the proposed construction;

(2) Disclose excessive or duplicative construction; and

(3) When different forms of charge are possible, provide for the form of charge most advantageous to the Government.

(e) When possible, analyze and approve special construction charges before receiving the service. Impose a ceiling on the special construction costs before authorizing the contractor to proceed, if prior approval is not possible. The contracting officer must approve special construction charges before final payment.


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