Change Number: DFARS Change 04/27/2023
Effective Date: 04/27/2023

242.1107 Contract clause.

242.1107 Contract clause.

(b) When using the clause at FAR 52.242-2, include the following instructions in the contract schedule—

(i) Frequency and timing of reporting (normally five working days after each reporting period);

(ii) Contract line items, exhibits, or exhibit line items requiring reports;

(iii) Offices (with addressees/codes) where reports should be sent (always include the contracting office and contract administration office); and

(iv) The following requirements for report content—

(A) The problem, actual or potential, and its cause;

(B) Items and quantities affected;

(C) When the delinquency started or will start;

(D) Actions taken to overcome the delinquency;

(E) Estimated recovery date; and/or

(F) Proposed schedule revision.


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