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Change Number: DFARS Change 05/30/2024
Effective Date: 05/30/2024

246.710 Contract clauses.

246.710 Contract clauses.

(1) Use a clause substantially the same as the basic or one of the alternates of the clause at 252.246-7001 , Warranty of Data, in solicitations and contracts that include the clause at 252.227-7013 , Rights in Technical Data and Computer Software, when there is a need for greater protection or period of liability than provided by the inspection and warranty clauses prescribed in FAR part 46.

(i) Use the basic clause in solicitations and contracts that are not firm-fixed price or fixed-price incentive.

(ii) Use alternate I in fixed-price-incentive solicitations and contracts.

(iii) Use alternate II in firm-fixed-price solicitations and contracts.

(2) Use the clause at 252.246-7002 , Warranty of Construction (Germany), instead of the clause at FAR 52.246-21, Warranty of Construction, in solicitations and contracts for construction when a fixed-price contract will be awarded and contract performance will be in Germany.

(3) When the solicitation includes the clause at 252.211-7003 , Item Unique Identification and Valuation, which is prescribed in 211.274-5 (a), and it is anticipated that the resulting contract will include a warranty for serialized items—

(i) Use the provision at 252.246-7005 , Notice of Warranty Tracking of Serialized Items, in the solicitation if the Government does not specify a warranty and offerors will be required to enter data with the offer;

(ii) Use the clause at 252.246-7006 , Warranty Tracking of Serialized Items, in the solicitation and contract; and

(iii) Include the following warranty attachments, available at, in the solicitation and contract and see 246.710-70 :

(A) Warranty Tracking Information.

(B) Source of Repair Instructions.


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