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Change Number: DFARS Change 01/22/2024
Effective Date: 01/22/2024

252.239-7002 Access.

252.239-7002 Access.

As prescribed in 239.7411 (a), use the following clause:


(a) Subject to military security regulations, the Government shall permit the Contractor access at all reasonable times to Contractor furnished facilities. However, if the Government is unable to permit access, the Government at its own risk and expense shall maintain these facilities and the Contractor shall not be responsible for the service involving any of these facilities during the period of nonaccess, unless the service failure results from the Contractor's fault or negligence.

(b) During periods when the Government does not permit Contractor access, the Government will reimburse the Contractor at mutually acceptable rates for the loss of or damage to the equipment due to the fault or negligence of the Government. Failure to agree shall be a dispute concerning a question of fact within the meaning of the Disputes clause of this contract.

(End of clause)


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