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Change Number: DFARS Change 01/22/2024
Effective Date: 01/22/2024

252.239-7011 Special Construction and Equipment Charges.

252.239-7011 Special Construction and Equipment Charges.

As prescribed in 239.7411 (b), use the following clause:


(a) The Government will not directly reimburse the Contractor for the cost of constructing any facilities or providing any equipment, unless the Contracting Officer authorizes direct reimbursement.

(b) If the Contractor stops using facilities or equipment which the Government has, in whole or part, directly reimbursed, the Contractor shall allow the Government credit for the value of the facilities or equipment attributable to the Government's contribution. Determine the value of the facilities and equipment on the basis of their foreseeable reuse by the Contractor at the time their use is discontinued or on the basis of the net salvage value, whichever is greater. The Contractor shall promptly pay the Government the amount of any credit.

(c) The amount of the direct special construction charge shall not exceed—

(1) The actual costs to the Contractor; and

(2) An amount properly allocable to the services to be provided to the Government.

(d) The amount of the direct special construction charge shall not include costs incurred by the Contractor which are covered by—

(1) A cancellation or termination liability; or

(2) The Contractor's recurring or other nonrecurring charges.

(e) The Contractor represents that—

(1) Recurring charges for the services, facilities, and equipment do not include in the rate base any costs that have been reimbursed by the Government to the Contractor; and

(2) Depreciation charges are based only on the cost of facilities and equipment paid by the Contractor and not reimbursed by the Government.

(f) If it becomes necessary for the Contractor to incur costs to replace any facilities or equipment, the Government shall assume those costs or reimburse the Contractor for replacement costs at mutually acceptable rates under the following circumstances—

(1) The Government paid direct special construction charges; or

(2) The Government reimbursed the Contractor for those facilities or equipment as a part of the recurring charges; and

(3) The need for replacement was due to circumstances beyond the control and without the fault of the Contractor.

(g) Before incurring any costs under paragraph (f) of this clause, the Government shall have the right to terminate the service under the Cancellation or Termination of Orders clause of this contract.

(End of clause)


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