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Change Number: DFARS Change 05/30/2024
Effective Date: 05/30/2024

H-104 Fact-finding.

H-104 Fact-finding.

(a) The debarring and suspending official will determine whether the contractor’s presentation has raised a genuine dispute of material fact(s). If the debarring and suspending official has decided against debarment or continued suspension, or the provisions of FAR 9.4 preclude fact-finding, no fact-finding will be conducted. If the debarring and suspending official has determined a genuine dispute of material fact(s) exists, a designated fact-finder will conduct the fact-finding proceeding. The proceeding before the fact-finder will be limited to a finding of the facts in dispute as determined by the debarring and suspending official.

(b) The designated fact-finder will establish the date for a fact-finding proceeding, normally to be held within 45 working days of the contractor’s presentation of matters in opposition. An official record will be made of the fact-finding proceeding.

(c) The Government’s representative and the contractor will have an opportunity to present evidence relevant to the facts at issue. The contractor may appear in person or through a representative in the fact-finding proceeding.

(d) Neither the Federal Rules of Evidence nor the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure govern fact-finding. Hearsay evidence may be presented and will be given appropriate weight by the fact-finder.

(e) Witnesses may testify in person. Witnesses will be reminded of the official nature of the proceeding and that any false testimony given is subject to criminal prosecution. Witnesses are subject to cross-examination.


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