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Change Number: DFARS Change 01/22/2024
Effective Date: 01/22/2024

Rule 13. Settling the Record in Appeals with a Hearing

Rule 13. Settling the Record in Appeals with a Hearing

(a) The record upon which the Board’s decision will be rendered consists of the documents admitted under Rule 4, the documents admitted into evidence as hearing exhibits, together with the hearing transcript. The Board may designate with notice to the parties, any document to be made part of the record.

(b) As appropriate, the Board may also rely on pleadings, pre-hearing conference memoranda, orders, briefs, stipulations, and other documents contained in the Board’s file.

(c) Except as the Board may otherwise order, no evidence will be received after completion of an oral hearing.

(d) The weight to be given to any evidence will rest within the discretion of the Board. The Board may require either party, with appropriate notice to the other party, to submit additional evidence on any matter relevant to the appeal.

(e) The record will at all reasonable times be available for inspection by the parties at the offices of the Board.


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