Change Number: DLAD Change 8/30/2022
Effective Date: 08/30/2022

13.301 Governmentwide commercial purchase card.

(a) The DLA Director delegated Level 4 agency/organization program coordinator appointment authority to the HCAs. HCAs may delegate this authority no lower than the CCO.

(b) Governmentwide commercial purchase cardholders shall follow DLAM 5025.07, Government Purchase Card (GPC) Program ( https://issuances.dla.mil/Published_Issuances/Government%20Purchase%20Card%20Program%20(GPC).pdf#search=5025%2E07 ).

(c) The requirement to purchase AbilityOne items for all products on the AbilityOne procurement list may not be waived but can be satisfied by ordering from On-Base AbilityOne stores, AbilityOne.com, AbilityOne participating nonprofit agencies, or DoD FedMall.

(d) The requirement to use DoD FedMall may be waived when the use of DoD FedMall will not meet the delivery requirements or will result in unreasonable or excessive cost to the requiring activity.

(e) Use the following order of precedence to satisfy AbilityOne purchase requirements:

(1) On-Base AbilityOne stores, AbilityOne.com, or AbilityOne participating nonprofit agencies.

(2) DoD FedMall.

(3) Commercial sources.

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