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Part Number: 1631

Federal Employee Health Benefits Acquisition Regulation

1631.205-79 Mandatory statutory reserves.

1631.205-79 Mandatory statutory reserves.

Charges for mandatory statutory reserves are not allowed unless provided for in the contract. When the term “mandatory statutory reserve” is specifically identified as an allowable contract charge without further definition or explanation, it means a requirement imposed by State law upon the carrier to set aside a specific amount or rate of funds into a restricted reserve that is accounted for separately from all other reserves and surpluses of the carrier and which may be used only with the specific approval of the State official designated by law to make such approvals. The amount chargeable to the contract may not exceed an allocable portion of the amount actually set aside. If the statutory reserve is no longer required for the purpose for which it was created, and these funds become available for the general use of the carrier, a pro rata share based upon FEHBP's contribution to the total carrier's set aside shall be returned to the FEHBP in accordance with FAR 31.201–5.