Part Number: Part 1901

Broadcasting Board of Governors Acquisition Regulation


1901.000 Scope of part.

This part describes the method by which the Broadcasting Board of Governors implements and supplements the Federal Acquisition Regulation and contains policies and procedures that implement and supplement Chapter 1 of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (48 CFR).

Subpart 1901.1 - Purpose, Authority, Issuance

1901.101 Purpose.

This subpart establishes the Broadcasting Board of Governors Acquisition Regulation as Chapter 19 of the Federal Acquisition Regulations System (48 CFR chapter 19) and states the relationship of the IAAR to the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), 48 CFR chapter 1.

1901.102 Authority.

The the Broadcasting Board of Governors Acquisition Regulation is prescribed by the Director of the Broadcasting Board of Governors pursuant to the authority of the Reorganization Plan No. 2 of 1977 and the Federal Property and Administrative Services Act of 1949, as amended, and other applicable law.

1901.103 Applicability.

Except where a deviation is specifically authorized in accordance with subpart 1901.4 or otherwise authorized by law, the FAR and the IAAR govern all the Broadcasting Board of Governors acquisitions within the United States.

1901.104 Issuance.

1901.104-1 Publication and code arrangement.

(a) The IAAR is published in the Federal Register and, in cumulative form in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR).

(b) The IAAR is issued as chapter 19 of title 48, CFR.

1901.104-2 Arrangement of regulations.

The IAAR uses the same numbering system and arrangement used in the FAR. Where the IAAR implements the FAR, it is numbered and captioned to correspond to the FAR. Where there is no corresponding material in the FAR, numbers beginning with 70 or higher are assigned to the IAAR supplementing part. Where the subject matter is the FAR requires no implementation, the IAAR contains no corresponding part.

Subpart 1901.4 - Deviations From the FAR

1901.403 Individual deviations.

Deviations from the IAAR or the FAR in individual cases shall be authorized by the Board Procurement Executive or a designee unless FAR 1.405(e) is applicable. The request shall cite the specific part of the IAAR or FAR from which it is desired to deviate; shall set forth the nature of the deviation(s); and shall give the reason for the action requested.

1901.404 Class deviations.

Class deviations affecting more than one contracting action shall be authorized only by the Board Procurement Executive, unless FAR 1.405(e) is applicable, and shall be subject to the limitations set forth in FAR 1.404. Requests shall include the same information as cited in 1901.403.

Subpart 1901.6 - Contracting Authority and Responsibilities

1901.601 General.

The Director, Office of Contracts, is designated the Board Procurement Executive. The Board Procurement Executive is delegated the full delegable authority of the Director of this Board with respect to the acquisition of goods and services by contract and such other methods as may be prescribed in the FAR. The Board Procurement Executive is delegated overall responsibility by the Director for the Board's contracting activities.

1901.602 Contracting officers.

1901.602-1 Authority.

The Broadcasting Board of Governors Contracting Officers designated by name on Certificates of Appointment by the Board Procurement Executive are authorized to enter into, administer, and terminate contracts and make related determinations and findings, subject to all requirements and limitations set forth in the Certificate of Appointment. A list of the Broadcasting Board of Governors employees who have been appointed as Contracting Officers and the limits of their authority is available from the Policy and Procedures Staff, Office of Contracts.

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