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Part Number: 2152

Life Insurance Federal Acquisition Regulations

2152.232-70 Payments.

As prescribed in 2132.171, insert the following clause:

Payments (OCT 2005)

(a) OPM will make available to the Contractor, in full settlement of its obligations under this contract, subject to adjustment based on actual claims and administrative cost, a fixed premium once per month on the first business day of the month. The premium is determined by an estimate of costs for the contract year as provided in Section ________ and is redetermined annually by mutual agreement of OPM and the Contractor. In addition, an annual reconciliation of premiums, benefits, and other costs is performed, and additional payment by OPM or reimbursement by the Contractor is paid as necessary.

(b) If OPM fails to fund the Letter of Credit (LOC) account for the full amount of premium due by the due date, a grace period of 31 days will be granted to OPM for providing any premium due, unless OPM has previously given written notice to the Contractor that the contract is to be discontinued. The contract will continue in force during the grace period.

(c) If OPM fails to fund the LOC account for any premiums within the grace period, the contract may be terminated at the end of the 31st day of the grace period in accordance with LIFAR 2149.002(a)(2). If during the grace period OPM presents written notice to the Contractor that the contract is to be terminated before the expiration of the grace period, the contract will be terminated the later of the date of receipt of such written notice by the Contractor or the date specified by OPM for termination. In either event, OPM will be liable to the Contractor for all premiums then due and unpaid.

(d) In accordance with LIFAR 2143.205 and LIFAR 2252.243-70, Changes, if a change is made to the contract that increases or decreases the cost of performance of the work under this contract, the Contracting Officer will make an equitable adjustment to the payments under this contract.

(e) In the event this contract is terminated in accordance with LIFAR part 2149, the special contingency reserve held by the Contractor will be available to pay the necessary and proper charges against this contract after other Program assets held by the Contractor are exhausted.

(End of clause)