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Part Number: 2152

Life Insurance Federal Acquisition Regulations

2152.249-70 Renewal and termination.

As prescribed in 2149.505-70, insert the following clause:

Renewal and Termination (OCT 2005)

(a) This contract renews automatically each October 1st, unless written notice of termination is given by the Contractor not less than 60 calendar days before the renewal date.

(b) This contract may be terminated by OPM at any time in accordance with FAR part 49 and FAR 52.249-8 for default by the Contractor. This contract terminates at the end of the grace period if the Government does not fund the LOC account for any of the premium due to the Contractor (see LIFAR 2149.002(a)(2)). However, the Contractor and OPM may agree to continue the contract. In addition, the Contractor agrees to reinstate the contract if termination

(1) arose out of the Government's inadvertent failure to fund the LOC account for the amount of the premium payment prior to the expiration of the grace period as defined in LIFAR 2102.101, and/or (2) was due to circumstances beyond the Government's control, provided that the LOC account is funded in the amount of the premium payment due to the Contractor within 5 days after the expiration of the grace period. In the event of such reinstatement, OPM will equitably adjust the payments due under the contract to compensate the Contractor for any increased costs of performance that result from the Government's failure to fund the LOC account prior to the expiration of the grace period and/or such reinstatement.

(c) This contract may be terminated for convenience of the Government 60 days after the Contractor's receipt of OPM's written notice of termination.

(d) Upon termination of the contract for Contractor's default or OPM's convenience, the Contractor agrees to assist OPM with an orderly and efficient transition to a successor in accordance with LIFAR 2137.102, LIFAR 2137.110, and the provisions of the “Continuity of Services” clause at 2152.237-70. The Contractor is not required to continue performance subsequent to OPM's failure to fund the LOC account for premiums due under paragraph (b) of this clause.

(e) After receipt of a termination notice, the prime Contractor shall, unless directed otherwise by the Contracting Officer, terminate all subcontracts to the extent that they relate to the performance of the FEGLI Program contract. The failure of the prime Contractor to include an appropriate termination clause in any subcontract, or to exercise the clause rights, shall not affect the Contracting Officer's right to require the termination of the subcontract; or increase the obligation of the Government beyond what it would have been if the subcontract had contained an appropriate clause.

(End of clause)