Part Number: 1852

NASA Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement

1852.231-71 Determination of compensation reasonableness.

1852.231-71 Determination of compensation reasonableness.

As prescribed at 1831.205–671, insert the following provision.

Determination of Compensation Reasonableness (APR 2015)

(a) The proposal shall include a total compensation plan. This plan shall address all proposed labor categories, including those personnel subject to union agreements, the Service Contract Act, and those exempt from both of the above. The total compensation plan shall include the salaries/wages, fringe benefits and leave programs proposed for each of these categories of labor. The plan also shall include a discussion of the consistency of the plan among the categories of labor being proposed. Differences between benefits offered professional and non-professional employees shall be highlighted. The requirements of this plan may be combined with that required by the clause at FAR 52.222–46, “Evaluation of Compensation for Professional Employees.”

(b) The offeror shall provide written support to demonstrate that its proposed compensation is reasonable.

(c) The offeror shall include the rationale for any conformance procedures used or those Service Contract Act employees proposed that do not fail within the scope of any classification listed in the applicable wage determination.

(d) The offeror shall require all service subcontractors provide, as part of their proposal, the information identified in (a) through (c) of this provision for cost reimbursement or non-competitive fixed-price type subcontracts having a total potential value expected to exceed the threshold for requiring certified cost or pricing data as set forth in FAR 15.403–4.

(End of provision)