Part Number: 1809

NASA Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement

Subpart 1809.5 - Organizational and Consultant Conflicts of Interest

1809.505-4 Obtaining access to sensitive information.

(b) In accordance with FAR 9.503, the Assistant Administrator for Procurement has determined that it would not be in the Government's interests for NASA to comply strictly with FAR 9.505-4(b) when acquiring services to support management activities and administrative functions. The Assistant Administrator for Procurement has, therefore, waived the requirement that before gaining access to other companies' proprietary or sensitive (see 1837.203-70) information contractors must enter specific agreements with each of those other companies to protect their information from unauthorized use or disclosure. Accordingly, NASA will not require contractors and subcontractors and their employees in procurements that support management activities and administrative functions to enter into separate, interrelated third party agreements to protect sensitive information from unauthorized use or disclosure. As an alternative to numerous, separate third party agreements, 1837.203-70 prescribes detailed policy and procedures to protect contractors from unauthorized use or disclosure of their sensitive information. Nothing in this section waives the requirements of FAR 37.204 and 1837.204.

1809.507 Solicitation provisions and contract clause.

1809.507-2 Contract clause.

The contracting officer may insert a clause substantially the same as the clause at 1852.209-71, Limitation of Future Contracting, in solicitations and contracts.