Part Number: 1352

Commerce Acquisition Regulations

1352.213-70 Evaluation utilizing simplified acquisition procedures.

As prescribed in 48 CFR 1313.106-2-70, insert the following provision:

Evaluation Utilizing Simplified Acquisition Procedures (Date)

The Government will issue an order resulting from this request for quotation to the responsible offeror whose quotation results in the best value to the Government, considering both price and non-price factors. The following factors will be used to evaluate quotations:

[This section is to be tailored to conform to individual procurements. Text is provided as an example only. Stating relative importance of the evaluation factors is not required.]

(1) Personnel Qualifications. The experience, education, and qualifications of personnel proposed to work on the contract will be evaluated to determine their ability to perform their proposed duties.

(2) Technical Approach and Capability. The offeror's approach to performing contract requirements and its capability to successfully perform the contract will be evaluated.

(3) Past Performance. The offeror's past performance on related contracts will be evaluated to determine, as appropriate, successful performance of contract requirements, quality and timeliness of delivery of goods and services, cost management, communications between contracting parties, proactive management and customer satisfaction.

(4) Price.

(End of clause)