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Part Number: 1352

Commerce Acquisition Regulations

1352.228-77 Contractor assurance of subcontractor payments.

As prescribed in 48 CFR 1328.102-3, insert the following clause:

Contractor Assurance of Subcontractor Payments May 2015

(a) To protect the interests of subcontractors participating in the performance of this contract, the Government requires the assurance that all monies due to subcontractors is timely and properly made prior to the submission of the contractor's final invoice.

(b) By accepting this award, in writing or by performance, the offeror/contractor represents that - it will provide full payment to all subcontractors utilized in the performance of the resultant contract prior to the submission of its final invoice.

(c) No later than five (5) days after contract award the contractor shall provide the Contracting Officer with a list of all subcontractors to be utilized in the performance of this contract. The contractor must provide updates to the Contracting Officer throughout the contract, should changes be made.

(d) The following shall be completed and provided accordingly:

Subcontractor List - Contract No.____________________
Name of subcontractor business Subcontractor point of contact with contact information (number/e-mail) Contract line item(s) to which subcontract work is tied Applicable trade (electrical, mechanical, etc.)

(e) Reports by subcontractors of delayed or non-payment during the performance of the contract may impact the Government's continued payment of contractor invoices on a percentage of completion basis. (CAR clause, 1352.271-71, Method of Payment and Invoicing Instructions for Ship Repair).

(f) The contractor shall include the following statement on its final invoice - “By submission of this invoice, assurance is herein provided that all monies due to any and all subcontractors used in the performance of this contract have been paid in full prior to the submission of this final invoice.”

(g) Failure to pay subcontractors could adversely affect the contractor's past performance evaluation for this contract and have a negative impact on its eligibility for future contract awards.

(h) The Government may seek any available remedies in the event the contractor fails to comply with the provisions of this clause.