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252.237-7012 Instruction to Offerors (Count-of-Articles).

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252.237-7012 Instruction to Offerors (Count-of-Articles).

252.237-7012 Instruction to Offerors (Count-of-Articles).

As prescribed in 237.7101 (a), use the following provision:


(a) The Offeror shall include unit prices for each item in a lot. Unit prices shall include all costs to the Government of providing the services, including pickup and delivery charges.

(b) Failure to offer on any item in a lot shall be cause for rejection of the offer on that lot. The Contracting Officer will evaluate offers based on the estimated quantities in the solicitation.

(c) Award generally will be made to a single offeror for all lots. However, the Contracting Officer may award by individual lot when it is more advantageous to the Government.

(d) Prospective offerors may inspect the types of articles to be serviced. Contact the Contracting Officer to make inspection arrangements.

(End of provision)