Change Number: Change 171 GSAR Case 2019-G503
Effective Date: 10/12/2023

507.107-5 Notifications.

507.107-5 Notifications.

(a)  Notification to the public of rationale for consolidated, bundled, or substantially bundled requirement.

(1)  A summary notification of a determination that a consolidated, bundled, or substantially bundled requirement is necessary and justified will be published by the SPE on the System for Award Management Contract Opportunities at The notice will be posted within 7 days of the SPE approved determination.

(2)  Any solicitation related to the consolidation, bundled, or substantially bundled requirement can only be published after the summary notice from subparagraph (a)(1) of this section has been published for at least 7 days.

(3)  The contracting officer is encouraged to provide the summary notification from subparagraph (a)(1) of this section to the Governmentwide Point of Entry (GPE) before issuance of the solicitation.

(4)  The contracting officer shall publish the SPE approved determination with the publication of the solicitation, redacted as necessary.

(5) For bundled or substantially bundled requirements, in addition to the requirements of this subsection, the contracting officer must verify compliance with the notification requirements of FAR 7.107-5(b).

(b)  Notification to SBA of follow-on consolidated or bundled requirements.

(1) The contracting officer shall coordinate with the designated SBTA (see subpart 519.4) to provide follow-on notification to the SBA PCR in accordance with FAR 7.107-5(c). The designated SBTA will provide notification to the SPE at, the AA OSDBU at, and the Service-level policy organization (e.g., FAS's Office of Policy and Compliance and PBS's Office of Acquisition).

(2)  The SBTA will submit the notification to SBA PCR within 5 business days of receiving the notification from the contracting officer or request an extension from the contracting officer.