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Change Number: Change 178 GSAR Case 2020-G511
Effective Date: 03/25/2024

513.302-70 Purchase order and related forms.

513.302-70 Purchase order and related forms.

(a) GSA Form 300, Order for Supplies and Services, is a multipurpose form that may be used for purchases of supplies or services, orders under existing contracts or agreements, and orders from required sources of supplies and services. Terms and conditions applicable to the order, which are not included in the underlying contract, shall be incorporated in the order.

(1)  Use GSA Form 300, when making purchases payable through PEGASYS.

(2)  Use GSA Form 300-A, Order for Supplies or Services–Continuation, if additional space is needed.

(b)  Use GSA Form 1458, Motor Vehicle Maintenance, Repair and Service Purchase Order, or GSA Form 300 when making purchases in connection with the maintenance, servicing, or repair of GSA fleet management vehicles.

(c)  Use GSA Form 300, or GSA Form 3186, Order for Supplies or Services, or GSA Form 3186-B, Order for Supplies or Services (EDI), when making simplified acquisitions or placing orders against established contracts.

(1)  Use GSA Form 3186 for mail orders placed against established contracts.

(2)  Document the file for a delivery order, task order, or purchase order transmitted to contractors electronically using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) procedures by generating a GSA Form 3186-B or GSA Form 300.

(d)  Use GSA Form 8002B, Motor Vehicle Delivery Order, to order fleet management vehicles. Do not use this form as a purchase order for simplified acquisitions.

(e) Use GSA Form 8002A, Motor Vehicle Requisition Status, to notify the consignee of the status of motor vehicle requisitions.

(f) The GSA Order providing the policy on the management and use of the GSA SmartPay® Purchase Card (OAS 4200.1) prescribes the forms required for purchase card actions (see 513.301).