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Change Number: Change 181 GSAM Case 2024-G505
Effective Date: 05/20/2024

513.370-3 Invoices.

513.370-3 Invoices.

(a)  If the contracting officer uses these procedures, s/he must require the suppliers to immediately submit properly prepared itemized invoices.

(b)  Upon receipt of the invoice, the receiving office must take all the following actions:

(1)  Time-stamp the invoice to indicate the date the invoice is received.

(2)  Verify the accuracy of the invoiced amount.

(3)  Verify that the supplies or services have been received and accepted. Whenever possible, require that inspection and acceptance or rejection occur within 7 calendar days of delivery or completion.

(c)  Before certifying the invoice and forwarding it to the appropriate office, the contracting officer or a designated representative must obtain a certification of receipt and acceptance from the individual who actually inspected and accepted the supplies or services.

(d)  Within 5 workdays after receipt of the invoice or acceptance of the supplies or services, whichever is later, forward the invoice stamped with the Certified Invoice Stamp.

(1)  Complete the accounting information, received and accepted dates, taxpayer identification number (TIN), type of business (e.g., corporation, sole proprietorship/partnership, or other), certification, and PEGASYS Document Number (PDN).

(2)  If a Certified Invoice Stamp is not available, place the following statement on the invoice along with the PDN number, accounting information, TIN, and type of business. (Note: In some organizations, the PDN number is determined by a budget or executive office within the service or staff office.)