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Change Number: Change 175 GSAR Case 2022-G519
Effective Date: 02/15/2024

514.270-2 Justification for use.

514.270-2 Justification for use.

(a)  GSA usually solicits prices and reserves the right to make award for individual line items. In some cases it serves GSA’s best interest to combine two or more line items for an aggregate award. Such cases include when:

(1)  Users desire uniformity of design, style, and finish, (e.g.,suites of household furniture).

(2)  The articles will be assembled and used as a unit, and different manufacturers’ components may not be interchangeable.

(3)  Users have high demand for certain articles, but demand for related articles is insufficient to attract competitive bids (e.g..,various sizes of socket wrenches).

(4)  Awarding the low-demand articles in conjunction with the high-demand articles may encourage competition.

(5)  One location (delivery point) has a large requirement, and another location has a requirement too small to individually attract competitive bids.

(6)  Awarding and administering numerous small contracts for similar articles or services is impractical.

(b)  Before deciding to combine items for aggregate award, the contracting officer should consider the following factors:

(1)  The capability of bidders to furnish the types and quantities of supplies or services in the aggregate.

(2)  How grouping delivery points will affect bidders.

(3)  Which combinations will accurately project the lowest overall cost to the Government.

(c)  The contracting officer should not use an aggregate award if it will significantly restrict the number of eligible bidders.