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Change Number: Change 178 GSAR Case 2020-G511
Effective Date: 03/25/2024

514.402-70 Preferred practices for conducting bid openings.

514.402-70 Preferred practices for conducting bid openings.

(a)  To ensure that bid opening occurs at the exact time specified, verify the accuracy of the timepiece to be used.

(b)  For the information of bidders present, provide an audible announcement approximately one minute prior to bid opening.

(c)  Announce audibly when the exact time of opening arrives. In the announcement, identify the invitation(s) scheduled for opening.

(d)  For construction contracts that provide for bid alternates, announce the amount of funds available for the award before opening bids.

(e)  Open the bids in full view of the parties present.

(f)  When practicable and feasible, announce the following information from each bid: the bidder’s name, item and unit price bid, and other pertinent information, such as delivery and discount terms.

(g) For bids submitted in multiple copies, one copy remains in the bid opening room for public examination until the bid abstract is substituted. The contracting activity uses the original. For bids submitted in original only, see FAR 14.402-1(c). The contracting activity retains all supplemental financial forms or other information submitted with a bid. Do not provide supplemental information for public examination.

(h)  Forward any negotiable instruments submitted as bid guarantees to the appropriate Finance Office following procedures established by the Chief Financial Officer. After award, cancellation of the solicitation, or rejection of all bids, direct the appropriate Finance Office to refund the amount of the bid guarantee to unsuccessful bidders. The contracting officer may authorize return of a bid guarantee before award when requested by a bidder who is not in contention for the award. Retain other forms of bid guarantees (e.g.., bid bonds, letters of credit, corporate and individual sureties, etc.) in the contract file.

(i)  Prepare a record of the opening for the contract file. Include the names of persons attending the bid opening and the firms or organizations they represent.

(j) Verify the entries on all copies of a bid. Resolve any suspected mistake(s) following the procedures in FAR 14.407.

(k)  Retain the envelopes in which bids and bid modifications are received until all awards are made. After award, retain those with notations concerning abnormal receipt or opening for identification in the solicitation file. The contracting officer may destroy the remainder.