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Change Number: Change 181 GSAM Case 2024-G505
Effective Date: 05/20/2024

515.305 Proposal Evaluation.

515.305 Proposal Evaluation.

(a) Restrictions placed on a proposal by the submitter.If you receive a proposal with more restrictive conditions than those in the provision at FAR 52.215-1(e), ask whether the submitter is willing to accept the conditions of the paragraph at FAR 52.215-1(e). If the submitter refuses, consult with legal counsel on whether to accept the proposal as marked or return it.

(b) Actions before releasing proposal. Before releasing any proposal to an evaluator you must take all the following actions:

(1)Obtain the signed original “Conflict of Interest Acknowledgment and Nondisclosure Agreement” from each Government and nongovernment individual serving as an evaluator. Use the Acknowledgment/Agreement in Figure 515.3-1.

(i)For employees of other Executive agencies, replace the reference in paragraph (c) of the Acknowledgement/Agreement to GSA's supplemental standards with a reference to the applicable agency.

(ii)for nongovernment evaluators, substitute paragraph (c) of the Acknowledgement/Agreement with the following language and delete paragraph (h):

(2)Attach to each proposal a cover page bearing the following notice:

Government Notice for Handling Proposals

To anyone receiving this proposal or proposal abstract:

(1) This proposal must be used and disclosed for evaluation purposes only.

(2) You must apply a copy of this Government notice to any reproduction or abstract of this proposal.

(3) You must comply strictly with any authorized restrictive notices which the submitter places on this proposal.

(4) You must not disclose this proposal outside the Government for evaluation purposes except to the extent authorized by, and in accordance with, the procedures in 48 CFR 515.305-71.