Change Number: Change 155 GSAM Case 2021-G525
Effective Date: 08/30/2022

532.905-70 Final payment—construction and building service contracts.

The following procedures apply to construction and building service contracts:

      (a)The Government shall pay the final amount due to the contractor under this contract after the documentation in the payment clauses of the contract is submitted. This includes the final release prescribed for construction at FAR 52.232-5, and for building services at GSAR 552.232-72.

      (b) A contracting officers may only process the final payment for a construction or building service contracts once:

           (1) The contractor submits a properly executed GSA Form 1142, Release of Claims; or

           (2) The contracting officer documents in the contract file:

                (i) That the contracting officer requested a release of claims from the contractor and did not receive a response within 60 calendar days; and

                (ii) Approval to process the final payment from one level above the contracting officer.