Change Number: Change 156 GSAM Case 2022-G510
Effective Date: 12/02/2022

552.204-9 Personal Identity Verification Requirements.

As prescribed in 504.1303, insert the following clause:

Personal Identity Verification Requirements (Jul 2021)

      (a)  The Contractor shall comply with GSA personal identity verification requirements, identified in the CIO P 2181.1 GSA HSPD-12 Personal Identity Verification and Credentialing Handbook, if Contractor employees require access to GSA controlled facilities or information systems to perform contract requirements. The Contractor can find the CIO policy and additional information at

      (b)  The Contractor shall insert this clause in all subcontracts when the subcontractor is required to have access to a GSA-controlled facility or access to a GSA-controlled information system.

     (End of clause)