Change Number: Change 164 GSAM Case 2023-G503
Effective Date: 03/08/2023

552.232-77 Payment By Government Charge Card.

552.232-77 Payment By Government Charge Card.

As prescribed in 532.7003, insert the following clause:

Payment By Government Charge Card (Nov 2009)

(a)   Definitions. “Governmentwide commercial purchase card” means a uniquely numbered charge card issued by a contractor under the GSA SmartPay® program contract for Fleet, Travel, and Purchase Card Services to named individual Government employees or entities to pay for official Government purchases.

“Oral order” means an order placed orally either in person or by telephone.

(b)  At the option of the Government and if agreeable to the Contractor, payments of _____* or less for oral or written orders may be made using the Governmentwide commercial purchase card.

(c)  The Contractor shall not process a transaction for payment using the charge card until the purchased supplies have been shipped or services performed. Unless the cardholder requests correction or replacement of a defective or faulty item under other contract requirements, the Contractor must immediately credit a cardholder’s account for items returned as defective or faulty.

(d)  Payments made using the Governmentwide commercial purchase card are not eligible for any negotiated prompt payment discount. Payment made using a Government debit card will receive the applicable prompt payment discount.

*Enter amount not to exceed $100,000.

(End of clause)