Change Number: Change 164 GSAM Case 2023-G503
Effective Date: 03/08/2023

552.236-72 Submittals.

552.236-72 Submittals.

As prescribed in 536.572, insert the following clause:

Submittals (Mar 2019)

(a)  The Contractor shall prepare and submit all submittals as specified in the contract or requested by the Contracting Officer.

(1)  Submittals may include: safety plans, schedules, shop drawings, coordination drawings, samples, calculations, product information, or mockups.

(2)  Shop drawings may include fabrication, erection and setting drawings, manufacturers' scale drawings, wiring and control diagrams, cuts or entire catalogs, pamphlets, descriptive literature, and performance and test data.

(b)  Unless otherwise provided in this contract, or otherwise directed by the Contracting Officer, submittals shall be submitted to the Contracting Officer.

(c)  The Contractor shall be entitled to receive notice of action on submittals within a reasonable time, given the volume or complexity of the submittals and the criticality of the affected activities to substantial completion as may be indicated in the project schedule

(d)  Review of submittals will be general and shall not be construed as permitting any departure from the contract requirements.

(e)  The Contractor shall not proceed with construction work or procure products or materials described or shown in submittals until the submittal is reviewed. Any work or activity undertaken prior to review shall be at the Contractor's risk. Should the Contracting Officer subsequently determine that the work or activity does not comply with the contract, the Contractor shall be responsible for all cost and time required to comply with the Contracting Officer's determination. The Contracting Officer shall have the right to order the Contractor to cease execution of work for which submittals have not been reviewed. The Government shall not be liable for any cost or delay incurred by the Contractor attributable to the proper exercise of this right.

(f)  The Contractor shall identify, in writing, all deviations or changes in resubmitted submittals. In the absence of such written notice, review of a resubmission shall not include or apply to such deviations or changes.

(End of clause)

Alternate I (Mar 2019). As prescribed in 536.572 add the following paragraph to the basic clause:

(g) The Contractor shall submit design documents for review in accordance with PBS-P100. The Government shall review submittals for the limited purpose of verifying that the documents conform to the design criteria expressed in the contract documents.