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Change Number: Change 175 GSAR Case 2022-G519
Effective Date: 02/15/2024

552.270-3 Parties to Execute Lease.

552.270-3 Parties to Execute Lease.

As prescribed in 570.702 , insert the following provision:

Parties to Execute Lease (Jun 2011)

(a) If the Lessor is an individual, that individual shall sign the lease. A lease with an individual doing business as a firm shall be signed by that individual, and the signature shall be followed by the individual's typed, stamped, or printed name and the words, “an individual doing business as _______________ [insert name of firm].”

(b) If the Lessor is a partnership, the lease must be signed in the partnership name, followed by the name of the legally authorized partner signing the same, and a copy of either the partnership agreement or current Certificate of Limited Partnership shall accompany the lease.

(c) If the Lessor is a corporation, the lease must be signed in the corporate name, followed by the signature and title of the officer or other person signing the lease on its behalf, duly attested, and, if requested by the Government, evidence of this authority to so act shall be furnished.

(d) If the Lessor is a joint venture, the lease must be signed by each participant in the joint venture in the manner prescribed in paragraphs (a) through (c) of this provision for each type of participant. When a corporation is participating in the joint venture, the corporation shall provide evidence that the corporation is authorized to participate in the joint venture.

(e) If the lease is executed by an attorney, agent, or trustee on behalf of the Lessor, an authenticated copy of the power of attorney, or other evidence to act on behalf of the Lessor, must accompany the lease.

(End of provision)