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Change Number: Change 178 GSAR Case 2020-G511
Effective Date: 03/25/2024

570.303-1 Preparing the SFO.

570.303-1 Preparing the SFO.

The SFO forms the basis for the lease negotiation process and becomes part of the lease. Document each SFO in writing or electronically. Include the information necessary to enable prospective offerors to prepare proposals. Each SFO, at a minimum, must:

(a)  Describe the Government’s requirements.

(b)  State the method the Government will use to measure space.

(c)  Explain how to structure offers.

(d)  Specify a date, time, and place for submission of offers.

(e)  Explain how the Government will evaluate offers.

(f)  Describe the source selection procedures the Government will use.

(g)  Include a statement outlining the information the Government may disclose in debriefings.

(h)  Include appropriate forms prescribed in 570.8.

(i)  Include sustainable design requirements.