Change Number: Change 155 GSAM Case 2021-G525
Effective Date: 08/30/2022

Subpart 504.2 - Contract Distribution

504.201 Procedures.

      (a)  The contracting officer must send documentation to the paying office on all contracts for which GSA generates a delivery or task order.

           (1)  For Federal Acquisition Service contracts entered into the FSS-19 system, the contracting officer must send a system generated contract listing.

           (2)  For all other contracts, the contracting officer must send a “Duplicate Original” of the entire contract or modification.

      (b)  The contracting officer must certify that the “Duplicate Original” is a true copy of the contract, modification, task and/or delivery order, if not electronically signed, by writing your signature, in ink, on the award or modification form (i.e., SF 26, 33, 1442, etc.). The contracting officer must certify all contracts except:

           (1)  Leases of real property.

           (2)  Schedule contracts.

           (3)  Standard or GSA multipage purchase/delivery/task order carbon forms.

504.203 Taxpayer identification information.

FAR 4.203(a) does not apply to leases of real property (see 504.904) or FAR 38 Federal Supply Schedule Contracting.