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Change Number: Change 183 GSAR Case 2022-G517
Effective Date: 07/08/2024

Subpart 528.3 - Insurance

Subpart 528.3 - Insurance

528.301 Policy.

Insurance requirements must be adequate, just, and reasonable. They should be predicated on potential loss or damage, not necessarily on the value of the contract.

528.310 Contract clause for work on a Government installation.

Insert the clause at 552.228-5, Government as Additional Insured, in solicitations and contracts that are expected to exceed the simplified acquisition threshold and require work on a Government installation.

528.311 Solicitation provision and contract clause on liability insurance under cost-reimbursement contracts.

528.311-1 Contract clause.

Use the clause at FAR 52.228-7, Insurance–Liability to Third Persons, in solicitations and contracts, other than those for construction and those for architect-engineer services, when a cost-reimbursement contract is contemplated, unless the head of the contracting activity waives the requirement for use of the clause.