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Change Number: Change 175 GSAR Case 2022-G519
Effective Date: 02/15/2024

Subpart 532.7 - Contract Funding

Subpart 532.7 - Contract Funding

532.700 Scope of subpart.

GSA fiscal regulations are in the Budget Administration Handbook (CFO 4251.4), Accounting Classification Handbook (CFO P 4240.1), and Accounting Operations—Voucher Examination Payment Handbook (CFO P 4252.1).

532.702 Policy.

GSA’s contract funding policies are in compliance with the full funding policy at 2, Section 31.6, OMB-C A-11, published June 26, 2008.

532.703 Contract funding requirements.

(a)  “Severable services” means services that are continuing and ongoing in nature—such as help-desk support, maintenance, or janitorial services—for which benefit is received each time the service is rendered.

(b)  “Non-severable services” means work that results in a final product or end-item and for which benefit is received only when the entire project is complete, such as systems design, building conversion, or environmental study.

(c)  Contracts for severable services may cross fiscal years as long as the period of performance (excluding options) is no more than 12 months. Contracts for goods or non-severable services are not similarly limited.

532.705 Unenforceability of unauthorized obligations.

Supplier license agreements defined in FAR 32.705 are equivalent to commercial supplier agreements defined in 502.101.

532.706 Contract clauses.

532.706-3 Contract clauses for unenforceability of unauthorized obligations.

GSA has a FAR deviation that allows use of the clause in paragraph (a) of this subsection in lieu of the FAR clause at 52.232-39.

(a) Insert the clause at 552.232-39, Unenforceability of Unauthorized Obligations in all solicitations and contracts in lieu of the FAR clause at 52.232-39.

(b) Insert the clause at 552.232-78, Commercial Supplier Agreements—Unenforceable Clauses, in all solicitations and contracts (including orders) when not using FAR part 12.