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Part Number: 1852

NASA Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement

1852.215-77 Preproposal/pre-bid conference.

1852.215-77 Preproposal/pre-bid conference.

As prescribed in 1815.209–70(a), insert the following provision:

Preproposal/Pre-Bid Conference (APR 2015)

(a) A preproposal/pre-bid conference will be held as indicated below:




Other Information, as applicable:

[Insert the applicable conference information.]

(b) Attendance at the preproposal/pre-bid conference is recommended; however, attendance is neither required nor a prerequisite for proposal/bid submission and will not be considered in the evaluation.

(c) Offerors, individuals, or interested parties who plan to attend the pre-proposal/pre-bid conference must provide the Contracting Officer in writing, at a minimum, full name of the attendee(s), identification of nationality (U.S. or specify other nation citizenship), Lawful Permanent Resident Numbers in the case of foreign nationals, affiliation and full office address/phone number. Center-specific security requirements for this pre-proposal/pre-bid conference will be given to a company representative prior to the conference or will be identified in this solicitation as follows: (fill-in). Examples of specific identification information which may be required include state driver's license and social security number. Except for foreign nationals, the identification information must be provided at least (fill-in) working days in advance of the conference. This information shall be provided at least (fill-in) working days in advance of the conference for foreign nationals due to the longer badging and clearance processing time required. However, the Center reserves the right to determine foreign nationals may not be allowed on the Government site. The Government is not responsible for offerors' inability to obtain clearance within sufficient time to attend the conference. Due to space limitations, representation of any potential Offeror may not exceed (fill-in) company representatives/persons per Offeror. Any “lobbying firm or lobbyist” as defined in 2 U.S.C. 1602(9) and (10), or any Offeror represented by a lobbyist under the Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995 shall be specifically identified.

(d) Visitors on NASA Centers are allowed to possess and use photographic equipment (including camera cell phones) and related materials EXCEPT IN CONTROLLED AREAS. Anyone desiring to use camera equipment during the conference should contact the Contracting Officer to determine if the site(s) to be visited is a controlled area.

(e) The Government will respond to questions regarding this procurement provided such questions have been received at least five (5) working days prior to the conference. Other questions will be answered at the conference or in writing at a later time. All questions, together with the Government's response, will be transmitted to all solicitation recipients via the government-wide point of entry (GPE). In addition, conference materials distributed at the preproposal/pre-bid conference will be made available to all potential offerors via the GPE.

(End of provision)