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Part Number: 1852

NASA Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement

1852.237-71 Pension portability.

1852.237-71 Pension portability.

As prescribed at 1837.110–70(b), insert the following clause:

Pension Portability (JAN 1997)

(a) In order for pension costs attributable to employees assigned to this contract to be allowable costs under this contract, the plans covering such employees must:

(1) Comply with all applicable Government laws and regulations;

(2) Be a defined contribution plan, or a multiparty defined benefit plan operated under a collective bargaining agreement. In either case, the plan must be portable, i.e., the plan follows the employee, not the employer;

(3) Provide for 100 percent employee vesting at the earlier of one year of continuous employee service or contract termination; and

(4) Not be modified, terminated, or a new plan adopted without the prior written approval of the cognizant NASA Contracting Officer.

(b) The Contractor shall include paragraph (a) of this clause in subcontracts for continuing services under a service contract if:

(1) The prime contract requires pension portability;

(2) The subcontracted labor dollars (excluding any burdens or profit/fee) exceed $2,500,000 and ten percent of the total prime contract labor dollars (excluding any burdens or profit/fee); and

(3) Either of the following conditions exists:

(i) There is a continuing need for the same or similar subcontract services for a minimum of five years (inclusive of options), and if the subcontractor changes, a high percentage of the predecessor subcontractor's employees are expected to remain with the program; or

(ii) The employees under a predecessor subcontract were covered by a portable pension plan, a follow-on subcontract or a subcontract consolidating existing services is awarded, and the total subcontract period covered by the plan covers a minimum of five years (including both the predecessor and successor subcontracts).

(End of clause)