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Part Number: 1852

NASA Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement

1852.243-72 Equitable adjustments.

1852.243-72 Equitable adjustments.

As prescribed in 1843.205–70, insert the following clause.

Equitable Adjustments (APR 1998)

(a) The provisions of all other clauses contained in this contract which provide for an equitable adjustment, including those clauses incorporated by reference with the exception of the “Suspension of Work” clause (FAR 52.242–14), are supplemented as follows:

Upon written request, the Contractor shall submit a proposal for review by the Government. The proposal shall be submitted to the contracting officer within the time limit indicated in the request or any extension thereto subsequently granted. The proposal shall provide an itemized breakdown of all increases and decreases in the contract for the Contractor and each subcontractor in at least the following detail: material quantities and costs; direct labor hours and rates for each trade; the associated FICA, FUTA, SUTA, and Workmen's Compensation Insurance; and equipment hours and rates.

(b) The overhead percentage cited below shall be considered to include all indirect costs including, but not limited to, field and office supervisors and assistants, incidental job burdens, small tools, and general overhead allocations. “Commission” is defined as profit on work performed by others. The percentages for overhead, profit, and commission are negotiable according to the nature, extent, and complexity of the work involved, but in no case shall they exceed the following ceilings:

Overhead (percent) Profit (percent) Commission
To Contractor on work performed by other than its own forces 10
To first tier subcontractor on work performed by its subcontractors 10
To Contractor and/or subcontractors on work performed with their own forces 10 10

(c) Not more than four percentages for overhead, profit, and commission shall be allowed regardless of the number of subcontractor tiers.

(d) The Contractor or subcontractor shall not be allowed overhead or commission on the overhead, profit, and/or commission received by its subcontractors.

(e) Equitable adjustments for deleted work shall include credits, limited to the same percentages for overhead, profit, and commission in paragraph (b) of this clause.

(f) On proposals covering both increases and decreases in the amount of the contract, the application of the overhead, profit, and commission shall be on the net change in direct costs for the Contractor or the subcontractor performing the work.

(g) After receipt of the Contractor's proposal, the contracting officer shall act within a reasonable period, provided that when the necessity to proceed with a change does not permit time to properly check the proposal, or in the event of a failure to reach an agreement on a proposal, the contracting officer may order the Contractor to proceed on the basis of the price being determined at the earliest practicable date. In such a case, the price shall not be more than the increase or less than the decrease proposed.

(End of clause)